The UNESCO IOC Tsunami Programme aims to reduce the risk of loss of life worldwide by tsunami events. In order to accomplish this, the IOC Tsunami Unit supports IOC Member States in assessing tsunami risk, in implementing Tsunami Early Warning Systems and in educating communities at risk about preparedness measures. UNESCO IOC coordinates the establishment and implementation of Tsunami Warning Systems in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, North East Atlantic and Mediterranean, and Pacific Ocean. 

The Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System (ICG/IOTWMS) was formed after the tragic Indian Ocean tsunami of 26 December, 2004. The Secretariat of the ICG/IOTWMS is operated by UNESCO IOC, funded by the Government of Australia through the Bureau of Meteorology and is co-located in Perth, Western Australia with the IOC PPO, through the hosting of the Bureau of Meteorology's Western Australian Regional Office.

The IOTWMS Secretariat in Perth provides a vital governance and coordination role among all of the Member States of the IOTWMS and the three Regional Tsunami Service Providers (Australia, Indonesia and India), as well as other international stakeholders and Secretariat sponsors. In doing so it works closely with regional, national and international organisations to maintain and expand the IOTWMS services and to ensure the intergovernmental governance machinery of the extensive network of systems, responsible centres and contacts works, and works well. A particular focus of the IOTWMS since 2014 has been on community awareness and responsive mechanisms. It is recognised as the most technologically advanced of the operational systems and is highly valued by the 28 countries that it protects.

For more information please visit the IOC's ICG/IOTWMS webpage here.

Participants at the 11th Meeting of the IOTWMS Steering Group, Perth, January 2017.



Head of Secretariat: Dr Srinivasa Kumar Tummala
Secretariat Support: Ms Nora Gale
+61 8 92260191
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